Creating the Perfect Garden Area

People can provide pizazz to their homes’ garden area. Focus mainly on the plants instead of the flowers, when in the beginning stages of design remember bold colours advance towards you whereas cooler colours recede away from you. To make a long, narrow garden appear more square, paint the end boundary wall a darker shade than the others.

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A great way to extend the living space of your home is to build a patio area. These areas are ideal for eating and relaxing when the sun comes out, and for entertaining friends and family. The first step to creating your covered patio designs is to mark out the size and shape with a length of string. The size will depend on the actual available space in the garden. Try to make things in proportion, so if you only have a small garden, then a smaller patio will be the best option.

A perfect garden is something that is unique to the individual who plants it and it is as unique as that individual is. Drawing on ideas or suggestions from books, articles, and Internet resources can be helpful and useful. Gardening is a continual learning process, and the more that we as gardeners learn, the more successful our gardens will be.

Fertilizers as Plant Food

Fertilizer is the food that plants need to grow and thrive. Plant food is fertilizer that has the necessary nutrients to produce healthy plants whether it is organic or inorganic. There are scientific studies that show beyond a shadow of a doubt that one is better than than the other. Although people believe organic fertilizer is better for the environment.

The three main nutrients that are vital to plant growth are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
Each of these are found naturally on earth. Manufacturers found ways to harness them so they can be used in a positive way in plant food. Nitrogen is found in the air and converted into a form that plants benefit from. It also is the main compent in chlorophyll. Phosphorus is essential to all forms of life and is made into fertilizer by taking the remains of ancient marine life found in rock deposits and volcanic activity in China. A concentrated phosphorus solution is produced by combining the phosphate with sulfuric acid.

Potassium is mined from naturally occurring ores that are farmed when seas and oceans have dried up. After the ore is brought to the surface of the earth, the unwanted minerals are removed and the potassium is granulated. Organic fertilizer such as compost, peat moss, and manure do burn or harm plants like inorganic fertilizers can. They also have long lasting positive effects on soil. Mulch like hay, leaves, grass, and bark help aerate the soil. They also help protect the soil from temperature change while adding nutrients.